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Bridges on Koori Radio

Interview with Tirrania Suhood and Paulene Takchi by Paulette Whitton of the "Blackchat" program.

Bridges Manager talks about the Bridges Network Approach

Tirrania Suhood - Manager


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Bridges Publications

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Willmot Indigenous Photovoice

Willmot Public School, Mt Druitt Indigenous Church and Bridges partnered in a PhotoVoice project for Indigenous Students and created a booklet… Read & view


Partnership with Mount Druitt Indigenous Church 

Find out more about this partnership and the increasing connections that are developing...

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Shalvey High School Film Project

Students from Chifley College-Shalvey High, Bridges and Short Black Films produced a DVD focusing on friendship, the school community and drug issues.… Read & view



There is something special about groups. Groups can help you realise that you are not alone ...there is no pressure to speak until you are comfortable. Find out more


People's Stories

Gathering and sharing people's stories, voices and visions for the future increases mutual understanding and creates new possibilities for stronger communities.… Read & view




Bridges in a nutshell  

Bridges works to connect and strengthen individuals, families and communities. At the same time we address challenges facing our communities. In particular we work to prevent and reduce harm related to alcohol and other drug use.


Bridges uses The Bridges Network Approach which is a Social Innovation.

Our activities include, alcohol and other drug family counselling, groups, training, community projects and events, outreach and network development.


While Bridges services are mainly provided in Blacktown Local Government Area, The Bridges Network Approach can also be expanded and applied to address other social issues anywhere around the world.

About our Patron


Find out more about our Patron, DR PETER SHERGOLD, previously the most senior public servant in Australia, currently Macquarie Group Foundation Professor, Chairperson of the Centre for Social Impact and Chancellor of the University of Western Sydney.






Our Board

We have a highly skilled dynamic board with representatives from accross Sydney.  Read more...



Bridges Network Approach Nominated for Award

The Bridges Network Approach received a nomination for the 2011 WSCF ZEST Awards in recognition of being an Exceptional Project within a Not-for-Profit Organisation.


The Bridges Network Approach Report

The Bridges Network Approach :

strengthening relationships, resilience and systems

to address drug-related harm and other challenges

our families and communities are facing" 






This report covers more than a decade of collaborative work in the development and implementation of this approach to effect change at family, community and sector levels.

 It describes the power and potential of a small community organisation and its partners (large and small) to make a big difference.

It also describes the challenges of undertaking this long-term strategy while operating on short-term funding.


The report includes forewords by Dr Peter Shergold, our patron, and Dr Catherine Spooner, co-author of " The Social Determinants of Drug  Use".




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